How To Make Your AC Unit Last a Long Time

Keep These Tips In Mind For Helping Your Central AC Unit Last Longer

AC units can be expensive, especially if you are talking about central air and heat. Did you have a unit installed? Maybe the unit at your home or business has been there for quite some time, but you want it to last as long as it can. You want your money’s worth for sure. What can you do to make sure that your central AC unit lasts a long time?

One thing you can do is to have your unit serviced seasonally before both winter and summer. Settling for annual maintenance once a year would also be fine, but twice a year would be even better. Do you know how long an AC unit is supposed to last? You’re not going to find out if your unit doesn’t get its tuneups.

As for the specifics, one thing that helps is oiling the fan motor. The condenser coils also need to be cleaned. These are things that are done or should be done when annual maintenance is performed by an HVAC technician unless you want to do them yourself. Operating pressure and coolant levels also need to be checked. For more information checkĀ

It is also important not to overwork your AC unit. For sure, you want to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. However, AC units get worked hard during those summer months, and you don’t want yours to break down. Also, have you heard of duct cleaning services? There is a debate still out about duct cleaning services, but they are another option that is supposed to help. Do everything you can to keep that AC unit running strong.If you notice something that seems strange to you, then you need to make that call. Don’t wait for what might be a problem with your central AC unit because it could be something serious. It could also end up being a problem turns into a much bigger problem if not addressed in time. Keep that in mind as you take notice of anything odd going on with your central AC unit.Belts also have to be properly adjusted, and of course, you know the AC filter has to be changed on a regular basis. Don’t wait too long to change that AC filter. You also don’t want any grass or shrubs growing up against your central AC unit. Have you noticed any odd sounds or anything else out of the ordinary?