Patent Protection

If you are wondering what is the patent process? Then you should check out Intellectual Pats – file a patent application. There you can find a patent attorney San Diego. The Intellectual Property Brothers is focused on bringing you the most current news and information regarding the patent process. It is important to know whether or not you can patent an idea. It is equally as important to understand how to patent an invention or how to patent a product. Completing the patent application process does not need to be a hassle anymore. Most patent applications require detailed drawings, claims, and specifications in order to meet the requirements the examiner will be looking for.

How to Receive Help for Patenting an Idea

Intellectual Property Brothers wants you to know there is an easier way. There are patent design patent examplelawyers who can help guide you through the process, and even submit and complete the application for you. This will ultimately save you countless hours of research and formulating the application. Make sure you know the differences between a provisional and a non-provisional patent. This is necessary to ensure that your need are being met, and you are receiving the best patent for you product. Remember that there are three types of patents: plant, utility, and design. The picture above is an example drawing of a design patents.

Different Types of Patents

  • A plant patent is a right to own and produce/distribute a variety of plant that you either genetically modified (created) or discovered. It is the least common patent in the United States.
  • A design patent is when you create a unique and novel design for a certain item. Most design patents are given for articles of clothing or automobiles. This can prevent others from incorporating your unique ideas into their own processes and subsequently profiting from your hard-earned ideas.
  • A utility patent is actually the most common patent in the United States of America. A utility patent is given to an innovator that has created a useful and new procedure, device, or manufacturing technique.

Remember that the process to apply for a patent can be extremely exhausting and difficult. The Intellectual Property Brothers wants to remind you to always do your research, and to sit down with a patent agent to ensure that you are on the right track. Good luck to you!

New patent for a Tattoo Gun

There have been several new patents applied for and received in the category of tattoo guns since the first patent was filed in 1922 for a quickly detachable tool joint.

The most recent was for a power supply for a tattoo gun, filed in November 2007 and published in June 2011. In between those dates, various filings have occurred regarding tattoo guns. Some were for pieces, like the quick connect flexible drive (1971 publication), the tool shaft coupler (publication 2001) and the rotary tool flex shaft (publication in 2004). Others were for a “Lashliner” (published 1989), a device for marking an article with ink (published 1996) and an “ink application device for tattooing or for making permanent make-up (publication in 2002).

tattoo gun design patentThe tattoo gun’s initial creation was in 1875, by Thomas Edison. Edison created what was called the Autographic Printing Pen, which used an electric motor. This device sped up the process of the printing press, using a stencil with holes punched through and ink went through into the paper placed below. Need good tattoo ideas? First, you should find out about the tattoo healing process.

Edison did not necessarily have the vision to transfer this process to tattooing skin, but Samuel O’Reilly, a tattoo artist in New York City would. O’Reilly saw a demonstration of Edison’s pen and, after checking to see if the patent had expired on Edison’s pen (it had), he added an ink reservoir at the tip of the barrel and added right angle bends that moved the motor back over the user’s hand. He then patented the first Electric Tattooing Machine in December of 1891.

Intriguingly enough, in England 20 days after O’Reilly filed his patent, London resident Tom Riley filed a patent for his electromagnetic coil machine. This machine consisted of a single coil and was held in a brass box. A twin coil machine incorporating O’Reilly’s ideas and Riley’s into one improved design was patented in 1899. This machine also added the concept of a switch to turn off the tattoo machine when changing colors of the ink.

The first modern tattoo machine was created as one of 14 styles by Detroit native Percy Waters in the late 1920’s. Waters incorporated the concept of dismantling the machine for cleaning purposes, something that has received increasing attention and importance in years since.

One final attempt was made to create the ideal tattoo machine. This version, introduced in 1979 by a Canadian, Carol Nightingale, had the ability to adjust every aspect of the machine. However, it was too difficult to produce and too complicated to use on a regular basis.

The 14 designs introduced by Waters and more customized versions are in production today. The ideas have been improved and used by tattoo artists the world over.


The ultimate resource on everything patents: http://www.uspto.gov/

Why a Patent May Be Essential for Your Chimney Company

When a fireplace breaks down, there are various approaches you could utilize to repair it. (For reference check out fireplace repair Chicago.) With each firm, you are going to have a brand-new approach. When you uncover a brand-new means you are going to manage to take care of the issue, you have to manage to place a patent on it. Any sort of revelation is going to be something you are going to wish to shield. Some might really feel that having a license (the words patent and license are often used interchangeably) on something is absolutely nothing actually unique. With the whole procedure costing you a bunch of time, you are going to would like to be compensated for your time. When an individual takes your approach and brand names it as their very own, they are taking essential clients from you here. In the same fashion, if you have developed new prototypes for chimney caps, then you will definitely want to obtain a patent for your invention.patent for a new fireplace flue liner system

When you shed consumers, you are going to dislike the truth that they managed to take them without any type of effects. Nonetheless, if you have a license for a brand-new chimney repair service procedure, you are going to have the ability to take that from them and have them pay you some nobilities. This is cash for no deal with your component. Numerous business want to patents as their means of safeguarding their item, however likewise, a method of acquiring some money from individuals that have actually taken their concept and attempted to brand name it as their very own. You need to have the ability to generate income off of your suggestion and when a person takes it from you, this provides you the right to obtain mad and pursue them for problems to your name and track record. You never ever recognize if an individual is going to take your concept and offer it a bad credibility.

chimney stack patentIf that occurs, you are going to shed consumers when they listen to that you make use of the exact same technique as an individual which took it from you and injure your brand name. The license regulation exists to secure you and your revelation. You have every right to be distressed when an individual swipes that concept. Multi-billion buck business are continuously pursuing each other over the patents of an item. You need to manage to provide the customer something they have actually never ever had prior to and permit them to have actually a chimney mended without any sort of trouble. That is business strategy that every person should have, however regretfully, it is not going to occur. You need to consistently watch for individuals which wish to swipe your suggestions.

The patent is going to shield your approach, not your materials. Simply considering that a person utilizes the very same products as you, does not indicate they are going to utilize your technique. Some people get this perplexed when declaring a license. You are not going to ever before need to license the products that you utilize due to the fact that they are devices. The technique of acquiring the most effective repair service is just what you are going to have the ability to patent. This is going to enable you to have a special approach of your very own without should undergo numerous hoops simply to obtain a suggestion pressed via. You need to have every little thing level just before pursuing any person.

Looking and Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer

Looking for a personal injury lawyer, especially in Mobile, AL can sometimes be a daunting task to do. Generally, there are quite a lot of things that you need to do before finding the best lawyer for your case. Since you are determined to get the right person to represent you in the court of law, there are certain factors that you need to put into proper consideration. Here are some of the factors to consider before hiring a lawyer.

  • Academic qualifications

Before considering anything else, an academic qualification level of the lawyer is the first thing to consider. In Mobile, AL there are certain academic qualifications every person practicing law must possess to become legitimate in the industry. These qualifications must be recognized and certified by the state law.

  • Recommendations

It is important to involve your family, relatives or even friends in search for the right personal lawyer in Mobile, AL. If any of them has had experience with the best lawyer in their previous personal injury case, can recommend the lawyer to you. However, even if they recommend someone to you, try to consider other factors as well.

  • Interview many lawyers

Injury lawyer HelpInterviewing several lawyers is a best way to find the right personal injury lawyer as well. In fact, this will give you an opportunity to get to know about their individual qualifications and experiences. Additionally, while interviewing, try to check whether they offer free consultations to their clients.

  • Experience level/track records

An experienced lawyer understands better how to deal with a personal injury case in the court of law. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a lawyer who has been in the industry for a quite long time. However, not all those who have served for a long time can be the best. Try to ask for their past customer testimonials and the best source is their site. You can read some customer reviews in their site to get the in-depth of their services.

Conclusively, with these great tips on how to find the best personal injury lawyer in Mobile AL, getting the best one cannot be a daunting task any longer. Most importantly, record of accomplishment and the experience level are the most crucial factors to consider.

Who is at Risk for Becoming a Victim of Securities Fraud?

Security fraud has been defined as a practice where a capitalist enters into a particular business by basing on fake information, more specifically during selling or buying transactions. In the long run, an investor may end up losing a large amount of money. This is termed as security fraud or investment fraud. Additionally, it is also a violation in regard to security laws.

Every investor in security market is a potential victim of investment fraud and as such you should be able to determine and see the signs early enough. They will help you find out if you are becoming the victim or not. It has also its own consequences which it will be better to know in advance.


There are various cases demonstrating this clearly. One such case regarding security fraud involved Bernard Madoff. At the time, he was the Nasdaq stock market non-executive chairman. He pleaded quilt to perjury, money laundering, securities fraud and even thwarting investors around the world amounting to $65 billions. He was sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment.

Deception is the greatest main ingredient of investment fraud, mostly involved in the stock market dealings. It may also happen in the commodity market when an investor offers fake details when entering in business with other businessmen and ladies. Other examples of security fraud may include; insider trading, outright theft, providing false details on the financial statements, inventions scams and even investment scams.

With the current financial crisis, fraudsters have become so rampant. It is very hurting and this is the last thing you would like to happen to you. You won’t like to encounter these kinds of fraudsters. There are various ways on how you can find out if the person dealing with may be a fraudster or not. Your first course of action should be to contact a securities fraud lawyer. (use this link – http://www.vernonhealy.com )

If the broker you are dealing with promises big profits, but within a short span of time and at the same time the investment asking price is a bit low, there are great chances implying that this may be a scam. You should always bear in mind that quick rich schemes are usually too good to be true. One way to check into the broker you are considering is by doing a FINRA broker check.

Those investments which develop a sense of some urgency are normally not good. A perfect investment will offer you enough time to reflect at it and as a result come up with a better judgment. Good investments usually have no reason for quick fixing. You are at liberty to make your investments now or even next month. You should avoid being hypnotized, since brokers or some of the sales person will tend to pressure you so as to skip those stages of thinking and invest on the spot.

It is for your own benefit to know the signs and understand that these kinds of fraudsters exist. They will be vital in guarding your investments.

Protect Your Email

Elder Law Blawg is here to talk about recent news. Over the weekend, over 5 million Gmail accounts were leaked onto a Bitcoin security forum. If you’re one of those 5 million that had leaked passwords, then you should have already been notified by Google. When dealing with intellectual property, a leaked email and password could mean complete failure. That is why we want to take a couple moments to educate you on how to protect your email. First of all, there is a variety of different software available that will protect your email, or at least claim to do so. Sometimes these work, other times they might wind up causing even more security issues. An important tip to protecting your email and password is to browse anonymously. When you do this, the websites you visit will not be able to trace your IP address back to you. This is especially important when visiting sites that don’t have SSL certificates or lack security. When sites don’t have a SSL, the connection is not encrypted. This means that third parties can view what you are doing, when you’re doing it, and where you’re doing it. This is especially dangerous when putting in secure information such as your email and password.